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Sunday, January 08, 2006


~David Puckett, aka:, ~Dave P.,~D.Puck'(or just, ~Puck').

The "World" of ~D.Puck'... is a world of nostalgia, spiritualism and parody, "sometimes". I always keep the realization that if you don't keep a steady income, yer a bum.

~D.Puck', the Artist , Writer and Collector:
I worked for various publications since I was 15 years old and am now in my fifties. My artwork and writings have appeared in hundreds of small press fanzines as well as several professional endeavors. (I "semi-retired" from such efforts in 1989 due to personal reasons, but never stopped writing and drawing comic strips and have literally hundreds of pages of artwork finished since that time that has never seen publication in amateur fanzines (or, otherwise).

For various examples of my artwork from the past 40+ years, "click" HERE. (More will be changed from time to time to show different representations of my work.)

Artwork I had published prior to circa 1970 was almost always signed under a pseudonym of "Pache". After which I began signing either my full name, or "D.Puckett", "D.Puck'", or simply, "Puck"

Art Influences: In classic artwork/writing I would like to think that Howard Pyle has made the largest mark on my mind, or perhaps, William Blake. In the way of comic book type work, I've admired the art of just about everyone I've ever seen from Gil Kane to Vaughn Bode', Wallace Wood to Jack Kirby, Frank Miller to Reed Crandall, but really, you probably need to blame it all on Steve Ditko. When I was very young I fell in love with the work he was producing for Charlton Comics (circa 1958 to 1960 or so).

The following is a nearly complete listing of everything I've had published in either amateur and/or professional publications since 1966, as well as a list of fanzines and other booklets that I have self-published under the Ravensnest (and other) banners.


1967: The West Virginia Comicollector Newsletter (Summerville Pub.) #6

1968: The New World of Comics (Canadian) #'s 17-21, 24

1968: News for Collectors #'s 2 & 4

1968-1969: Mithras (Charles Korbas pub.s) Several different issues

1969: Comique #1

1969: Fandom Newsletter (Korbas) #'s 15, 23

1969: Gleep (Korbas) #1

1970: Hephsemis #1

1970: Sandwich #4

1970: Power Comics #1

1970: Tomorrow #1

1970: Touchstone #'s 2 & 4

1970: The Comic Collector's Friend #'s 3 & 4

1970: Directions #'s 2 & 3

1971: Thunderhead #1

1971: Train of Thought #1

1971: Dangling Convenersations #5

1971: Kentuckiana Comic Collections Association Newsletter #1

1971: Brainstorming Sessions (Esser pubs.) #4

1971: Vulcania (Cara Sherman-Tereno, pub.) #1

1971-1972: Romulan Wine (formerly Vulcania/Sherman-tereno, pub.) #'s 2-4

1972-1973: Several different articles published in the Glasgow Daily Times newspaper, Glasgow KY.

1973: The First KY. Newsletter (my personal fanzine) listed and myself quoted in Dr. Fredric Wertham's book: FANZINES: A NEW FORM OF COMMUNICATION/Ill. Press University Pub.)

Head Magazine (Freytner Press) V2 #3 (May-June, 1977) Published a photo of me (in disguise).

1977: Formed Ravensnest Art Studio and Publications in Bowling Green, KY.

1977-78: Lable designs for local wine maker and pet food products.

1978-79: Advertisement artwork for Frisch's Restaurant.

1977-79: Illustrations for local trade-swap magazines and artwork/articles for various APA publications.

1978: Photo published/ credited for in National Lampoon Magazine.

1979: The College Height Herald (newspaper for the western KY. University, Bowling Green, KY./illustration published)

1980: Artwork published in "The Citizen's Collection" (a collection of work by local artists).

1980-1989: Various local design work, sign painting and newspaper adverisements (in particuler, for Pizza Hut Restaurant).

1980: Artwork published in the University of Louisville, Ky.'s "Thinker" Magazine.

1980-1989: Art and articles pubished in various Amateur Press Allience ("APAs"), digests, mini-comics, fanzines, plus my own personal publications.

1981: Artwork published in Fandom Directory (No.3).

1982: Article on Marvel fantasy comics published in Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Up-Date No.2.

1983: The Southern KY. Satellite (fanzine) #3

1983: Article published on "how to sell a comic book collection" published in The Comic Collectors Magazine (Kraus Publications) No. 3 (1st. time my work appears in a nationally distributed newstand professional magazine)>

1983-1986: Several cartoons and designs published in a local trade/swap publication titled The Caveman Trader.

1984: Space ship designs credited for in the "Marvelous Maureen" comic strip in issues of Pep Comics (Archie Publications) #'s 395 & 396.

1984-1987: "Elmo Jenkins" cartoons and spot illustrations published in various "letter of comment" pages of Fantagraphic Publications Journey (issues 9, 15, 19, 20, 21 & 27) and Wardrums (Issue #1) comic books.

1987: Personal photograph of myself publushed in Donnie Jupiter's Cartoonland comic book #3.

1984-1989: Professional silk-screenist and design artist for Fontana's Silk Screening business (Park City, KY.)

1985: Fashion design published/credited in Renegade press's Neil the Horse comic book #12, and in Vicki Valentine #'s 1 & 3.

1985 to 2007: Many, many spot illustrations and cover designs published in Fosfax ("fanzine"), a publication of The Louisville, KY. Sci-fi Organzation.

1985-1987: Formed and was the Official Editor of The Southern Writers & Artists Combine Amateur Press Association.

1986: Article published in Amazing Heroes (Fantagraphic Publications) No. 75 on underground comix.

1986: Cartoon characters published in the letter of comment page of Eclipse Comics' Tales from the Beanworld #4.

1986: Two different drawings of myself done by Valentino in various panels of the Apple-Warp Publication Myth Adventures #12 (Pg. 22-Panel 1 & Page 10-Panel 3).

1986: Fashion design published/credited in Marvel Comics' Meet Misty #4.

1987: Artwork published in Fandom Directory (No.9)

1987: Lengthly article and photographs published in the July issue of The Small Press Comics Explosion newspaper magazine regarding "Zebracon" (the first convention held for publishers of alternative black & white comics of which I was one of the guests).

1987: The cover of my personal publication, Upperground #2 reproduced in Renegade Press's comic book: Ms. Tree Rock and Roll Special #1.

1987: Designed and produced novelty item "Lick Log" caps sold and distributed in several states.

1987: Fashion design published/credited in Eclipse Comics' California Girls #3.

1988: Fashion design and cover design credited to me on the cover of Eclipse Comics' California Girls #7 (1st. cover credits).

Mid-toLate 1980's: Listed several times in various volumes of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide as a contributor of information and corrections.

1989: Self-published a "holistic crystal guide" which went through five sold out printings and was purchased and distributed throughout the United States, several foreign countries and within part of (then)The Soveit Union.

1989: Designed an authorized "Mammoth Cave National Park" t-shirt.

1990: Artwork published in Fandom Directory (No.12).

1990-1997: Became member of a California based "Comic Collectors' Club" and began having artwork/artciles published in their newsletter.

1991: Spot illstrations published in Fandom Directory (#13).

1993: Color illustration published in The Simpson's Magazine (Groening pubs.) #9

1994: Article of "The History of Warren Publications" published in Overstreet's Silver & Gold Quarterly publication (No.6).

1995-1996: Spot cartoon published in Jason Dube's Scattered comic book #27.

1997: Spot illustration published in Scattered #29.

Also I did one of the illustrations for the "Hold On" calendar in the 1980's, and had many various spot illos and the like in a fan publication called "Planet Chaos" (1990's).

NOTE: In the 1980's, other small press publishers published amateur comic books which contained solely my work, some of which were: "The Incredible '50's Man" (No. 1/TKO pub.s), "That Krazy White Mud-Man from Y'Ranus (No.s 1 thru 3/High School Press), and "Ag'lu the Mer-Man" (#1/APC), and several of my "spot" ilustrations, cartoons, full page drawings, etc. appeared in various small press 'zines and mini-comics such as: High School Special, Misc!, Steroid Man, Brainshake, Slam Bang, Outside in, Alter limits, Comic Forum, Future Fanzine, Imagination Link, Mythinformation, Southern Links, Vertigo Graphics, Worlds of Wonder, At the Hep, Brainstorming Sessions, Chain Link Fence, K.C.C.A. Newsletter, Lex Fanzine, Maybe, (etc.).

THE PERSONAL PUBLICATIONS (1967-2000) Also listed with the number of copies printed as well as the form in which the issue was printed.)

1) The Comic Viewer #1 (1967/50 Copies/Ditto Machine)

2) The Comic Viewer #2 (1967/50 Copies/Ditto Macnine/co-published with Tom Blevins/LAST issue)

3) The First Kentucky Newsletter for Comic Collectors (aka: "TFKN") #1 (1968/50 Copies/Hecto Copier)

4) The Winged Avenger #1 (1968/50 Copies/Mimeograph Machine w/xeroxed front cover w/artwork by Don Rosa))

5) The First KY. Newsletter #2 (Winter 1968/1969/50 Copies/Mimeo)

6) The First KY. Newsletter #3 (Jan., 1969/75 Copies/Mimeo)

7) The Winged Avenger #2 (Last issue/1969/50 Copies/Mimeo)

8) The First KY. Newsletter #4 (1969/75 Copies/Mimeo)

9) The First KY. Newsletter #5 (Last issue/title changed)1969/75 Copies/Mimeo)

10)Kentucky Fan-Fiction #6 (formerly: "TFKN"/1st. issue/1970/75 Copies/Mimeo)

11)"Mini"-Con flier (July, 1970/100 Copies/Mimeo)

12)Kentucky Fan-Fiction #7 (1970/100 Copies/Mimeo)

13)Kentucky Fan-Fiction #8 (1970-71/100 Copies/Mimeo)

14)The Realities of D. Puckett #1 (1971/Myriad APA suppliment/35 Copies/Mimeo)

15)Poems of The Stoppinstud "nn" (Sept.,1971/75 Copies/Mimeo)

16)The Reality of ME "nn" (Dec., 1971/Myriad APA suppliment/100 Copies/Mimeo)

17)Elmo Jenkins: A Surprize for Robert, A Turtle "nn" (Jan., 1972/50 Copies/Mimeo)

18)The Reality of D. Puckett (aka: "Realities" & "Reality of ME") #3 91971/Myriad APA suppliment/75 Copies/Mimeo)

19)Dove "nn" (1972/Myriad APA suppliment/35 Copies/Mimeo)

20)Cara "nn" (1972/Myriad APA suppliment/35 Copies/Mimeo)

21)"The Gathering" convention flier (1972/50 Copies/Mimeo)

22)Jesus Frog #1 (1972-73/Myriad APA suppliment/35 Copies/Mimeo)

23)From One Egg Stream to Another #1 (1973/100 Copies/Photocopy cover with mimeo interiors)

24)Banana Peels "nn" (1973/Myriad APA suppliment/35 Copies/Mimeo)

NOTE: The following were all reproduced by photocopy machine underless otherwise noted.)

25)It's My Mind #1 (Jan.,1983/KAPA APA/35 copies)

26)It's My Mind #2 (Feb.,1983/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

27)It's My Mind #3 (March,1983/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

28)It's My Mind #4 (April,1983/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

29)The First KY. Newsletter (aka TFKN and Kentucky Fan-Fiction/title reverted to original) #9 (1983/100 Copies)

30)It's My Mind #4.5 (April, 1983/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

31)The Streetstalker #1 (1st. ~D.Puck' Small Press comic book/April,1983/50 Copies)

32)It's My Mind/(aka "The Misadventures of Elmo Jenkins" #1 - My 2nd. comic book - ("whole number" #5/Fall,1983/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

33)It's My Mind #6 (aka: The First KY. Newsletter #10/Winter,1983/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

34)It's My Mind #7 (1983/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

35)It's My Mind #8 (1983-1984/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

36)It's My Mind #9 (March,1984/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

37)"!" & The Mysterious #1 (Aug.,1984/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

38)D.Puckett's K.A.P.A. (Kentucky Amateur Press Alliance) Letter #1 (Sept.,1984/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

39)"!" & The Mysterious #2 (Oct.-Nov.,1984/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

40)"!" & The Mysterious #3 (Winter,1984/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

41)S.W.A.C. (The Southern Writers and Artists' Combine) Ad Letter #1 (March,1985/50 Copies)

42)That Krazy White Mud-Man from Y'Ranus Advanced Photocopy #1 (3rd. D.Puckett small press comic book/March, 1985/50 Copies/1st. official Ravensnest Publication)

43)Mud-Man Version 2 (Revised/July, 1985/25 Copies)

44)Upperground: The Ground-Level Publication with Underground Freedom #1 (April 1st., 1985/ALL PHOTO-OFFSET REPRODUCTION/500 Signed & Numbered Copies)

45)"!" & The Mysterious #4 (April, 1985/KAPA APA/35 Copies)

46)The 'Toonist #1 (July, 1985/SWAC APA/ 25 Copies)

47)S.W.A.C. Ad Bulletin #2 (July, 1985/50 Copies)

48)S.W.A.C. Heat T-shirt Transfer (July, 1985/35 Copies)

49)The 'Toonist #2 (SWAC APA/Sept., 1985/30 Copies)

50)"Puck Madness" Ad Flier #1 (Oct., 1985/50 Copies)

51)The 'Toonist #3 (SWAC APA/Oct.-Nov.,1985/35 Copies)

52)"Puck Madness" Ad Flier #2 (Nov.,1985/50 Copies)

53)Puck' X-Mas Card #1 (Nov.,1985/50 Copies)

54)Words of Wisdom from Elmo (Jenkins) #1 (1st. ~D. Puck' mini-comic/co-published with APC publications publisher Sean Cliver/December, 1985/PHOTO-OFFSET/500 Copies)

55)Upperground #2 (This and all following issues of this title were "digest-size" and were photocopy reproduction/July, 1986/75 Copies)

56)Edgy, The Prayer-Master mini-comic (1st. solo published mini-comic by ~D.Puck' & Ravensnest Publications/Feb., 1986/75 Copies/blue paper stock.)

57)Kelpie (ALL issues are digest-size) #1 (May, 1986/4th. ~D.Puck amateur comic book/ 300 Copies)

58)Shirt-Pocket Comics #1 (1/2 "mini"-sized to fit in a short pocket/May, 1986/102 Copies)

59)Shirt-Pocket Comics #2 (July, 1985/75 Copies)

60)Ravensnest Publications Ad Sheet #1 (June, 1986/50 Copies/YELLOW paper stock)

61)Shirt-Pocket Comics #2 (2ND. print./July, 1986/25 Copies)

62)Kelpie #2 (5th. ~D.Puck' comic/Aug., 1986/150 Copies)

63)Ravensnest Publications Ad Sheet #2 (Aug., 1986/50 Copies/WHITE paper stock)

64)Shirt-Pocket Comics #3 (Aug., 1986/500 Copies)

65)Shirt-Pocket Comics #4 (Nov., 1986/500 Copies)

66)Ravensnest Publications Ad Sheet #3 (Nov., 1986/75 Copies)

67)Upperground & Kelpie Ad Sheet (Comic Book Buyer's Guide version/Oct., 1986/50 Copies)

68)Kelpie #3 (6th.. ~D. Puck' comic/ Dec., 1986/500 Copies)

69)Ravensnest Small Press Publications Catalog #1 (December, 1986/500 Copies/YELLOW cover stock)

70)The Incredible '50's Man #1 (digest-size/7th. ~D.Puck' comic/Dec., 1986-Jan., 1987/500 Copies)

71)~D.Puck' X-Mas Card #2 (Dec., 1986/50 Copies)

72)Shirt-Pocket Comics #1 (2ND. Print./Winter, 1986/500 Copies)

73)"Whatever Happened to Herb?" "nn" (7th. ~D. Puck' comic/ March., 1987/300 Copies/YELLOW cover stock w/white interiors)

74)Ravensnest Small Press Catalog (Revised Edition/New and additional advertisements/WHITE paper stock/March, 1987/300 Copies)

75)Ravensnest Publications Ad Sheet #4 (March, 1987/ Used for CBG ad & insert in personal letters/50 Copies)

76)Kelpie #4 (April, 1987/150 Copies)

77)Words of Wisdom from Elmo (Jenkins) #1 (2ND. Ravensnest printing/April, 1987/200 Copies/YELLOW paper stock)

78)Kelpie #5 (1st. UN-Corrected printing/May, 1987/300 Copies/8th. comic book/NOTE: All except file copies and ones already mailed out to subscribers were destroyed)

79)Kelpie #5 (2ND. CORRECTED printing/May, 1987/ 150 Copies/WHITE paper stock)

80)A Primary Guide: The Holistic Uses of Quartz Crystals & Other Power Stones (Version 1/May,1987/500 Copies/digest-size)

81)Upperground #3 (June, 1987/300 Copies)

82)Holistics #1 (comic book/July, 1987/300 Copies/digest-size/only issue/9th. comic book)

83)Kelpie #6 (Aug., 1987/300 Copies/10th. comic book)

84)Mr. Mad #1 (mini-comic/1st. print./Aug., 1987/100 Copies)

85)Hodgepodge "nn" (A suppliment to Upperground #3/White paper stock/digest-size/sent only to those who purchased UG #3 and the contributing artists/writers/300 Copies)

86)The Sleeping Buddha Gazette #"0" (Only issue/1 single-sided legal size sheet on white paper stock/photocopy/Sept., 1987/100 Copies)

87)Kelpie #7 (LAST issue/Oct., 1987/300 Copies/11th. comic book)

88)Holistic Crystal Uses Vol. One (Oct., 1987/Co-Published with "Big Mike's Gifts"/ALL photo-offset reproduction/version 1/500 Copies/NOTE: Later printings of this are indistinguishable save for a few corrections and the printing number marked at the bottom of the inside front cover/Blue cover stock w/white interiors)

89)Mr. Mad #2 (mini-comic/1st. print./Jan., 1988/100 Copies)

90)"The Driftin' Cowboys' Saddle Club Wanted Poster Ad Flier (March, 1988/50 Copies/regular letter size one-sided sheet/white paper stock)

91)Mr. Mad #1 (2ND. print./March, 1988/50 Copies/Blue paper stock)

92)Tales From A Malachite Troll #1 ("shirt pocket"- sized/Summer, 1988/50 Copies/Only issue/WHITE paper stock)

93)Holistic Crystal Uses (2ND. print./Summer, 1988/500 Copies/Photo-offset)

94)Mr. Mad #3 (Fall-Winter, 1988/100 Copies/Light reddish paper stock)

95)Words of Wisdom from Elmo: "Heated Hallucinations" (A song in mini-comic form) "nn" (1st. Print./mini-comic/Jan., 1989/Pencils and Words by ~D.Puck'/Inked by Rocky Hartberg/aka: Words of Wisdom from Elmo No. 2/300 Copies/Blue paper stock)

96)Holistic Crystal Uses (3RD. print./Jan., 1989/500 Copies/Photo-offset)

97)Mr. Mad #4 (Spring, 1989/500 Copies/WHITE paper stock)

98)Clown Woman #1 (mini-comic/1ST. print./Fall, 1989/500 Copies/BLUE paper stock)

99)Holistic Crystal Uses (4TH. print./Summer,1989/500 Copies/Photo-offset)

100)Clown Woman #1 (2ND. print./mini-comic/Fall, 1989/50 Copies/WHITE paper stock)

101)Words of Wisdom/Heated hallucinations (2ND.Print./Fall, 1989/BLUE paper stock/75 Copies)

102)Holistic Crystal Uses (5TH. print/Jan., 1990/500 Copies/Photo-offset)

103)Mr. Mad #4 (2ND. print./mini-comic/Feb., 1990/50 Copies/NOTE: Nearly indistinguishable from 1st. print.)

104) The Truth Is Here! #1 (magazine-size/published under the "Abductee Press" banner)

105)Necuratul No. 1 (Nov., 1999/1st. D.Puckett & Ravensnest "on line" publication/25 subscribers)

106)Necuratul No. 2 (Jan., 2000/ 25 subscribers/Last issue)

Further Notes: It should be assumed that all of the preceeding publications, even if not stated as such, were printed on white paper stock unless otherwise noted except for various ones that were published for the "Myriad APA" which were on a variety of colored mimeograph paper including blue, green, yellow, red and white. Also to note is that all of the above preceeding the publication of "That Krazy White Mud-Man" were published under solely my name as publisher or as a "D.Puckett" (or ~D.Puck') Publication, and that starting with TKWMM #1, everything else was under the Ravensnest banner and logo.)

Finally, just for completion sake, the following is a list of comic books in which either I've had a "letter of comment" published in, OR, my name was mentioned within its pages. The number next to them does not represent the specific number of that issue, but rather the number of letters I've had printed in different issues of that title.

Adventures of The Fly (Archie Comics/1963-64) 2

Thor (Marvel Comics/1967) 1

Captain Atom (Charlton Comics/1967) 1

Hercules (Chalrton Comics/1967) 1

The Peacemaker (Charlton Comics/1967) 1

Tomahawk (DC Comics/1968-69) 2

Vampirella magazine (Warren Publications/1969) 1

Web of Horror magazine (Wrightson & gang/1969) 1

Mad Magazine (EC/1970) 1

The Avengers (Marvel/1970) 1

The Phantom Stranger (DC Comics/1971) 1

John Carter of Mars (Marvel/1977) 1

Micronauts (Marvel/1980) 1

Heavy Metal magazine (HM/1882) 1

The New Mutants (Marvel Comics/1983) 1

Marvel Tales (Marvel Comics/1983) 1

Cerebus (A-V/ 1983) 1

Pacific Presents (Pacific Comics/1983) 1

The Legion of Super-Heroes (DC Comics/1983) 1

The Spirit (Kitchen Sink/1984) 1

Domino Chance (Sandri Pub.s/1984) 1

Magnus Robot Fighter (Valiant/1992) 1

Journey (Fantagraphics/1980's-early 1990's) at least 3

X-Factor (Marvel Comics/late 1990's) 1

Star Trek: The Next Generation (DC Comics/late 1990's) 1

Also loc's published in issues of: Cynical Man(Eclipse Comics), Neil the Horse (Renegade Press), Wardrums (Fantagraphics), The Comic Scene magazine, Arion Lord of Atlantic (DC Comics), Normalman (Renegade Press, Cartoon Land (Donnie Jupiter pub.s), Cole Black (Hartberg pubs.), Scattered (Jason Dube' pub.s), Vicki Valentine (Renegade Press), etc., etc., plus MANY l.o.c.s printed in various amateur publications, The Rocket's Blast & Comicollector fanzine, The Buyer's Guide. (etc.).


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